We exist to make the lives of employers all over Auckland significantly easier. As employment legislation is amended, case law evolves, your business develops and your staff change, it’s a wonderful relief to know your compliance with the Employment Relations Act is in order.

How ever do we achieve that?

We start with an HR Specialist establishing exactly what’s needed in terms of agreements, policies, letters, forms and tools in a business.

We return a week or two later, once our documents are drafted, and introduce our clients to their new employment toolkit. We gear these documents as helpfully as the Act allows, and deliver them in an easy-to-read manner so staff are migrated onto a new platform as easily as possible.

We support our clients with our helpline, email support and/or face to face appointments. This support is supplied in realistic time chunks that suit our clients’ size and circumstances. It is paid for by monthly subscriptions so our clients always know who to call. No more googling, no more worrying, and no more tackling challenging staffing situations all alone.

In a world where employers can do everything right and still face a claim, robust documentation and ongoing trusted support are essential components for peace of mind and a secure legal floor to build business on.

Ainsley, Lead Fixer

After meeting over 3,000 business owners repping for another compliance company, Ainsley knew there was a better way to stand alongside business owners than anything currently on the market. She set out to provide the quality of a high-end face to face compliance company for the price point of a cheerful entry-level solution. She has gathered excellent people around her to help her achieve this goal including business, sales and financial advisors, digital expertise, delivery staff, and a very supportive family.